Alien stool


Material efficient stool laser-cut from 18mm plantation hoop-pine E0 plywood. Generally made in batches to order but we occasionally have stock. Contact us to order or enquire with the form below. Height 410mm, seat diameter 260mm. flat packs for distribution, user assembled with screws.



Laser cut plywood stoolOur Alien stool is designed for efficient use of materials; ten and a half Aliens come from one standard sheet of plywood. This is achieved by the geometry of the ‘nested’ parts—leg sections sit side by side inverted, and the seat parts come from inside the legs; the assembly joints are laser cut too.

This careful geometry has a pleasing resonance in the assembled form, but the important thing is there is very little waste in production. Ply is efficient in itself as it converts more of the log to usable timber than sawing for boards. Aliens are made from E0 plywood (lowest formaldehyde emissions) QLD plantation Hoop Pine (Northern Australian native).

Due to the nesting Aliens can be flat packed for transport or storage. Alien is: strong, practical, efficient, durable, and fun. It’s about bums-on-seats with less materials, less waste.

This is the 4th incarnation of our Alien, each time we’ve fine-tuned the design but this time we are highlighting  the nesting and efficient process of laser-cutting by making a feature of the burnt edge. This sits well with the simplicity of the design, and the process that results in a great little stool.

We tend to do them in batches to order so generally don’t carry a big stock so email if you are interested. Our Aliens in the natural wax finish pictured are $157 each including delivery in Australia and are 410mm high with 270mm diameter top.

stool laser cut plywood