Coat rack / coat pegs, wall mounted


Coat & hat rack, coat hooks; wall mounted rack of pegs made from recycled hardwood. Shaker inspired, simple timber racks hand made in Castlemaine. Sizes from 4 pegs (667mm) to 12 pegs (2m) made to order and dispatched within a fortnight. Simple and strong pegs for storing coats, hats, umbrellas, bags—anything. Comes with mounting screws, timber cover plugs, and instructions. See installation video below.




coat-rack-coat hooksWall Mounted Coat Rack

Our solid timber wall mounted coat racks are inspired by the Shaker pegs that lined the four walls of their meeting rooms. They hung up coats, hats, bags, lamps, brooms, even chairs— all tidied away by this simple storage device.

Australian Made Coat Rack

Our coat racks are hand crafted in our workshop in Castlemaine, Victoria and made from recycled timbers, usually Vic Ash or Messmate salvaged from buildings. Being a recycled timber, the back-board can have nail holes, sap veins, and other marks. Each back-board is structurally sound, machined flat, and sanded smooth. Colours within our stock can vary, even within one species. It’s best to drop by our Castlemaine store to see samples as online images can be different from the actual timber. For our Australia wide customers who can’t drop by, we’re happy to replace or refund racks if the colour or features don’t suit when it arrives.

The back board is 25mm thick and 110mm high, 19mm hardwood dowels protrude 80mm and have rounded ends, these are commercial Vic Ash dowel—not recycled. To seal the timber we finish it in a light natural oil that dries completely to a subtle lustre. The pegs are glued into a deep socket forming a strong joint equal to the strength of the hardwood. Our load-test is to hold on to two pegs and lift feet off the floor, very scientific if done in a white coat; from this we deduce that each peg can take a 40kg load. Each peg is solid but total load ability depends on good fixings to the wall; we supply strong screws for the job. Fixing in to stud walls is common but it’s also possible to fix to brick or stone walls with the same screws going into 8mm masonry wall plugs, email or call for advice.

With the screws we supply 1/2″ timber plugs to cover the screw holes in the back-board, instructions supplied with each rack. Installation is pretty straight forward if you have a drill and a level, or a good eye! See our installation video below. Some use their builder or a handy-person to install.

Custom Designed Coat Racks

We make up the coat racks in various lengths from 4 peg / 667mm to 12 peg / 2000mm. the increments are based on six pegs per meter, which we’ve found is a good spacing for coats and brim-hats. Two meters is the maximum length our courier can carry. We can make longer racks with local pick-up, or for long runs we can set the backboards up for butt-joining two meter lengths. We can also do custom peg spacing; 5 to 8 pegs per meter are OK spacings, contact us for a price.

Each coat rack is made to order from prepared components. Once payment is received we put your rack into the works schedule and it can take up to 14 days to get made depending on how many orders we are processing at the time. Delivery times: Eastern Australian metro areas 1 to 4 working days and up to 10 days for other areas — a little more in remote areas.

The coat rack came really quickly and it’s nice and solid and heavy, really simple and tasteful. We’re really happy with it, and especially happy that we now have somewhere to put our coats in our tiny one-bedroom apartment.  Thanks, Andrea

Charlotte from QLD: “Just wanted to let you know that our order for four coat hooks arrived yesterday afternoon –  they are absolutely beautiful!! Thank you, what a wonderful product. I wish now that I had known earlier about them as I would have ordered some for the bathrooms, instead of the rather sterile silver things we’ve ended up with!!

How hard is it to install a coat rack? Have a look at this guide:

Additional information

Coat rack sizes

3 peg 500mm, 4peg 667mm, 5 peg 833mm, 6 peg 1000mm, 7peg 1167mm, 8peg 1333mm, 9peg 1500mm, 10peg 1667mm, 11 peg 1833mm, 12peg 2000mm