14 peg coat rack

14peg coat rack photo by Purdy Buckle
Photo: Purdy Buckle

We made this 14 peg years ago and recently got this beautifully shot and styled photo from the customer with a request for another 14 peg.

12 peg 2m coat racks are the longest we can ship Australia-wide but for Central Victorian locals we can do 3m or over in a single length, depending on the stock we have at the time. The long lengths look great in a big room.

Recovering: It’s been a bad few months for us with the death of my mother and the end of a grey winter sickness in our home. Orders are way behind: I was just catching up when I went down with fevers last week, our daughter had been off school for two weeks.

Today is mild and I’m on my feet — I will get a bunch of stuff made up and packed for shipping tomorrow. I will catch up with all orders soon.

With no back-up staff and little lee-way for when things go wrong in a big way, we realise we are skating on thin ice — despite the excitement and sense of achievement in creating a small business.

Our only buffer has been the patience of our customers. It has been very heartening in these dark times to have a total stranger say “no worries, whenever you get to it” when we respond to their late order inquiry.

So, thank you to our customers who have supported us through this time. One great part of small business is connecting in small ways with people who get what we offer. This allows us to share value in the community; it is these transactions in care that ultimately sustain us.


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