All-ply table — kids drawing space

plywood tableHere’s the latest All-ply table for clients in Castlemaine. Designed for the kids to draw on; the furniture linoleum will easily handle extreme conditions (kids + furniture).

This one is 1800 x 600mm and features an open shelf underneath, and idea we will continue to develop.


I feel fortunate and happy to be living with one of your beautiful tables. Your tables have been in my mind since I first came into usethings a couple of years ago. Your thoughtful design and skilled craftmanship bring a refined warmth and purpose into our home. The girls sit down at the table many times a day to draw and create. Thank you.

Every time we make an All-ply table the design and construction becomes crisper. It’s something about the lightness of touch and accuracy in the build, that gets better each time. It’s quite satisfying when everything goes right, sort of feels in-control. It’s nice as a designer to watch a design evolve like this: the first ten you make the idea is only just coming into the world, after that it keeps maturing. I guess this is what craftsmanship is about.

Our All-ply table design features plywood legs for efficient material use and lightness. This design is scalable for many applications.

The plywood is hoop pine – a native grown in Queensland plantations. The production of plywood converts more of the log than sawing for boards – thin sheets are pealed off like a big pencil sharpener.

The ply we use has an E0 rating for formaldehyde emissions from the glue. Formaldehyde is one of the volatile organic compounds (VOC) that off-gas from building and interior products resulting in poor indoor air quality. E0 is lower than the W.H.O. recommended level of safe exposure.

The All-ply table design is scalable and can be shaped for any task: work desk, dining table, side table, coffee table, anything really. There are options that add to this design’s flexibility: linoleum top, drawers or an open shelf underneath.
 The furniture linoleum comes in a range of 20 colours; this is the beautiful old-fashioned stuff made from pine resin, wood dust, and linseed oil – a renewable and non toxic material that is hard wearing.

Our All-ply table produces little waste in production due to its rectilinear design; any off-cuts are used for other products like our elliptical wobble board.

All the edges of the ply are exposed – even the unique leg structure. We like the look of ply and use a furniture grade that has minimal internal voids and even laminations. Ply is such a great material – why hide it?

Production in our workshop in Castlemaine is with standard machinery, enabling us to make the table simply and locally using available technology. Ply itself is easily obtainable: we like to design without exotic materials or processes.

The legs are a unique feature of our All-ply table. They are formed by joining ply in an ‘L’ section. This forms a strong yet light column to support the table and enables an excellent connection to the top and rails. A hard wearing sugar gum foot on the leg protects the ply if the table is dragged.

Drop by usethings store and have a look.

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