The best bike pannier

This is a little embarrassing – we have stocked Ron D Swan’s bike panniers for almost two years because they are well designed and made. They also use reclaimed canvas, end of production-run leftovers in great colours, including some ace vintage prints. And RDS is also a really good local business.

Anyway I was looking at their new wholesale catalog and read that the panniers had a shoulder strap. I couldn’t remember the straps, so got a pannier down and found them ingeniously tucked in a space between the waterproof lining and the outer canvas.

In use on the bike you’d never know they where there… I certainly didn’t. Part of the design is that the hardware to attach the pannier to the bike is fixed to the rack so you end up with a great soft bag to sling over your shoulder with a generous 50mm wide strap, and get this – it is adjustable too… is there anything RDS hasn’t thought through in this design?

The closer I look at RDS gear the more I’m impressed by the construction and design. From their great laptop sleeve (reviewed on CI), to the simple Musette or the reflector/leg-bands elastic attachment, these are thoughtful and well made things.

Now I’ve been resiting updating my old panniers as I just can’t discard something that is working fine, but I’m sorely tempted now I’ve confirmed RDS panniers are the best you can get.

You can get them from our store in Castlemaine or from RDS online.

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