Branching-millet broomThe branching of a millet stalk makes it ideal for a broom. No plastic fibre can give this density of finer fibres at the end; branching out of the stem; with good stiffness for sweeping. Millet is a strong and durable fibre and doesn’t leave plastic particles as it degrades with abrasion; millet particles will just decompose. Add to this millet is a renewable material and there your have it: the perfect broom.

Branching is mathematically cool, we could get into the Fibonacci sequence: this pattern of branching provides the best physical accommodation for the number of branches, while maximising sun exposure. Now there is good design!

We get these great brooms from the Tumut Broom Factory who have been making the perfect broom the traditional way since 1946. And could keep going forever. Now that is sustainability, or resilience because we’ll always need to sweep.

See more here millet broom,  or drop by usethings store and pick one up.millet broom hand made in Australia


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