Celebration gift voucher for image or story

To celebrate the decade usethings has been making and selling useful things, we are offering prizes to our past customers.

We send out our products and often wonder what sort of life they have in their new homes. We’d love to see or hear about your usethings installation. There are two prizes, one for the best image and one for the best story.  The prizes will be a $50 voucher to use at our online store or Castlemaine store.

This is also a way of thanking you: our customers who have helped us get to ten years.

Email your entry to us at: usethings@usethings.com.au by the 24th of August; we’ll be publishing them on our website.

More fun to come throughout the month of August as we officially turn ten. We’ll have an afternoon tea at the store, hopefully launch a clever new stool (if it’s ready in time) and more give-aways. Check here or on our social media pages.


double row coat rack carolyn

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