Darn it!

No don’t throw them out.

A new pair of socks sadly lasting less than 12 months. Yes you can blame toenails but why do some socks last and others don’t? Short lived socks need toenails like computers need viruses – a good reason for failure that distracts from questions about design and construction… I digress…

So, respect the energy and materials that have gone into the sock and double its lifeĀ  through the archaic skill of darning. Get your toes back inside, it’s a warm feeling.

usethings store is running a darning workshop 2pm on Saturday the 13th of August, at 8 Templeton St. Castlemaine.

Come along and learn simple sock darning. We don’t aim for highly skilled seamless mending but getting the sock useful again with a bit of colour and fun- any thread will do.

We’ll be launching usethings darning mushroom – you might have seen one in your Grans sewing kit. We’re making ours out of plantation sugar gum – offcuts from the drying racks.

Fixing things makes them last, the knowledge and skill to do it should be shared. usethings will run occasional workshops along these lines – notices here on the weblog or email us to get on the mailing list – usethings@usethings.com.au

darning mushroom with needles

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