Darning season

We’ve just made up some of our darning mushrooms, in time to fix your winter socks and jumpers. Get your toes warm back inside your favourite pair of socks or revive your comfy woollens. We go for repair rather than replace, and proudly show it by darning in outrageous colours. The darning mushroom is an old tool from when a good pair of socks was not so easy to come by.

Our mushroom features the biggest innovation since darning mushrooms began: darning mushroom 2.0 — it’s a hollow handle to keep your needles in (no excuse that you can’t find your needles now — our mushroom even comes with a couple of needles to get you started) with the added benefit of lightening the overall mushroom for those into racing darning, or packing light on high altitude climbing expeditions.

The tops are turned by hand in our workshop in Castlemaine and are made from off-cuts from our drying rack production. The timber is sustainably harvested plantation sugar gum which is surprisingly dense and turns up beautifully just buffed on the lathe, see clip below.

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