Sometimes it all comes together.

Here’s a photo of delivering a repaired Alien stool — an old usethings product sold locally about 9 years ago. First broken one we’ve come across. Delivery by bike, a 25+ year-old steel frame that has had numerous parts renewed in its long life.

The Alien is an efficient use of materials: very little waste from the plantation hoop pine ply (E0), 12 stools from one sheet of ply.

This all just feels right.

I’m going to call it dis-entitlement. As a middle class white person I’m entitled to a car, new stuff, affluence, energy to burn, wealth, power… but to choose not to partake due to the impacts of these things feels like winding back some seriously wrong stuff.

Giving up on entitlement is the sticking point in progress, but hey it’s not so bad out here. Living with less but life is good!


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