Don’t throw out short pencils

pencil extender lengthener
We don’t add a new product from other makers very often, there are few things that resonate with usethings ideals — beautiful and useful things. So this one caught or attention recently, a simple device to extend worn-down pencils so you can keep using them till the last, much much better than throwing them out or leaving them to languish in the bottom of a drawer.

Now we’ve ratted around and re-commisoined all our short pencils. You might recognise these from the Esher sketch of two hands drawing each other, we didn’t know they where still in production. They are made by Lyra, a company that has been going since 1806 – we like continuity of production, they claim to have the oldest trademark in existence.

It’s taken a while but we’ve got a supply of these and they’ll be in our Castlemaine store today; we’ll get them into the online store soon.Lyra pencil lengthener

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