Experimental design

reflector globe lampJust posted some of our old stuff to a new board on Pinterest called experimental design:

Playing with design: materials, ideas, and solutions from what’s at hand. Old ideas and things that never got fully resolved or made it to production. some of it is silly and strange but always fun.

It started to feel like a bit of usethings history looking back over the last 10 years.

This is a the fun bit—mucking around with design ideas, lots of failures, lots of silly things that seemed great in the middle of the night. Some not even destined for products but just our own needs, like this lamp made from a fantastic bulb half-reflector, a gift from our friends at Bluebottle; a quick solution for the kids home-work desk.

Will post more there while in a reflective mood. Also check out out other social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google + if any of these are your mode. And you can follow this blog or subscribe to our email newsletter.