Externalising and CSR

Corporations, famous for profiting by “externalising” aspects of their business operations, are now having to internalise these aspects. These aspects are problematic, costly, and sometimes dangerous to deal with responsibly. “the solution to pollution is dilution” the good-old engineers used to say.

CSR or corporate social responsibility is requiring the real costs of things like: labour standards, waste, and emission’s to be born by the corporation or company who profits by: emptying the drums out back, out-sourcing production, or using the cheaper (nastier) process… to name a few on a long list of corporate chicanery.

A few companies are proving it can be done while remaining in business, though the “legacy” operations grumble.

The market has shifted boys, get with the program.

Perhaps supplying the things we need isn’t massively profitable and could be thought of more as a service to society, especially if production and consumption is within a community – ie made in the community with local materials, labour,  waste and emissions etc.

You could make a living doing it but without the X million dollar private yacht I suspect.

Now, as well as having the rights of a citizen, corporations have the obligations too.

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