Food thermos in store again

We’ve got the Aladdin Stanley stainless steel wide mouth thermos in for winter. Great for hot drinks or meals. A neat trick is to bring ingredients to a boil in the morning and pour into the thermos where they continue to cook in the insulated flask to be ready for a hot lunch. The vacuum insulation keeps things hot (or cold) for 15 hours.

My first job as a labourer was with some old Spanish guys who always had great hot soups with home-made sausage in a thermos for lunch… they also had home-made grapa mixed with lemonade which got them through the day.

The Stanley has a rugged construction industry heritage and comes with a lifetime warranty. We like the fact that you can get parts for all the old range – it’s this kind of continuity of production (since 1913 in Stanley’s case) that lasting practical products have.


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