Four metre coat rack

In the workshop today: images of a 4m / 24 peg coat rack (pictured un-oiled), this one is Vic Ash. It’s made from two 2m lengths as it is going to Sydney and 2m is the maximum our courier will carry. The close-up below shows the butt join and we’ve carefully matched the grain in the two recycled back-boards. We’ve had a few long coat rack orders lately; also making up a 14 peg 2.33m coat rack that will be picked up from our Castlemaine store — so avoiding the courier limit. We regularly get 3.6m lengths for the back boards so can go up to 22 pegs in a single run. Our coat rack looks great in long lengths like this and you can hook anything on: bags, jackets, dog leads, umbrellas… it’s such a simple storage device.

4 metre timber coat rack 4m recycled timber coat rack 4m timber coat rack butt join of 2m sections

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