How to sit well: usethings Work-stool

We’ve recently up-dated our Work-stool and written more on the design and ergonomics of sitting, see our how to sit page. The new version features a fine stainless steel leg brace to ensure the Work-stools long life. In our how to sit page we better describe and illustrate the design of this stool and how it applies to a healthy and strong posture in seated work.

This winter I left the office to sit by the fire on a couch to work. After a couple of weeks I really noticed the instability in my back, which has been in a very bad way in the past. In addressing back issues, thinking through the design from a body conscious perspective, and trailing versions of the Work-stool / office set-ups over the last few years, we have arrived at a design that enables me to sit for long periods of computer work and has even strengthened my core and back. It does involve a little physical work and awareness to sit well but our Work-stool assists in this and the benefits are well worth it.

The Work-stool will be made to order in the early stages so email for details and time-line. The price from our Castlemaine store will be $420, we are yet to work out distribution or agents further afield.

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