JEST at Blueys Beach in NSW

We love photo’s of our stuff installed, just got these from Jenny in NSW.

This isn’t an order, it’s a thank you. In November we ordered two coat racks for our beach house JEST at Blueys Beach in NSW, which is now finished. I ordered them unfinished as I thought I’d paint them white. But when they arrived the builder phoned me in Sydney to say how beautiful the wood was and that it would be a shame to paint them. He oiled them and hung them on the walls of the third bedroom where we haven’t installed any wardrobes. They look sensational! They really make the room feel so relaxed and beachy ! Already I’ve had friends and family asking where I found them, so I hope you get a few more orders from Sydney.

It’s great when people take the time to respond to the things we make — one of the best things about being a maker is knowing that our stuff is appreciated in someones home.


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