Packaging, some of our favorite things

sustainable packagingWe turn to Rodgers and Hammerstein for our sustainable packaging policy: “Brown paper packages tied up with strings…” a line in My Favorite Things from The Sound of Music.

Our drying rack kits are sent out in recycled cardboard and jute twine packaging. To be honest it’d be quicker to use packing tape, but we use old fashioned brown card, twine and knots.

This does the job well having been sent all over Australia, and is recyclable or compostable at its destination.

Packaging is the biggest portion of our home waste, which inspired us to develop this packaging solution for our kit.

We’re finally starting to get good at the drying rack kit package after years of practice and have evolved a good system; engineered by evolution, and almost Zen like in method.

Distribution in kit form is good too as this means there is little wasted space in the package giving efficient transportation – more units per load.

We use brown paper and string in usethings store too, and we’re realising what an art it is to wrap something well.

A generation ago sales assistants could efficiently wrap a parcel in no time… we’ll get there, and love quiz old-timers about this forgotten art.

Just got to get the hang of wrapping odd shapes like the nosey parka.

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