Partnership with architect Stephen Lumb

Interior design is another facet of usethings, conducted in harmony with our philosophy around good living and sustainability.

Stephen Lumb architect

We are excited to offer an expansion of these services in partnership with the architect Stephen Lumb. This capacity enables us to engage in whole buildings, integrating the total design of a home, office, or commercial space. We’ve worked with Steve informally in the past, consulting with him about spaces we have worked on, especially when it comes to changes to a buildings fabric and making sense of the relationship between spaces. Even a simple renovation benefits from the resolution a great architect can bring, but a client might not think the scale of their project warrants this level of design. Our arrangement with Steve allows for charges related to specific problems needing proper architectural resolution. We also engage with Steve’s clients — interior styling in new buildings under the same arrangement.

Steve established his practice in Castlemaine in 2005 but he’s been in the business since early 1990, a big part of which he was based in Alice Springs. Steve is a registered architect and a member of the Australian Institute of Architects.

He has extensive architectural experience in design and management of architectural projects including residential, education, childcare center’s, health facilities, community facilities, public housing and other public infrastructure programs.


Central to his work is the development of architectural design that explores environmentally and culturally sustainable design including:

  • client-focussed consultation processes
  • exploring the potential of site-specific design including careful consideration of the site and climate and how they interact with building orientation, location and local cultural/ historical factors
  • specific attention to passive heating and cooling solutions
  • appropriate use of thermal mass in walls and floors
  • incorporation of materials with low embodied energy
  • careful selection of materials including the use of local materials and products, recycled timbers, finishes and fittings for serviceability, longevity and low / no toxicity
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