Nosey Parka coat hook


Single peg timber coat hook / wall hook is made from production off-cuts of recycled hardwood. Screws and ‘button’ timber plugs included.

Nosey parka wall hookPark your parka here. Our single peg wall hook / coat hook is hand made from recycled hardwood off-cuts (timber type varies).

This simple little guy can be fixed to a wall with the screws provided. Contrasting colour recycled red cedar plugs also supplied to cover the screws holes so forming the buttons.

Nosey Parka is 240mm high, 102mm wide, 25mm thick with a 17mm peg protruding about 80mm… very sturdy, and you only need to find one stud in the wall to fix the two big screws too. This fixing and the hardwood construction make Nosey Parka able to handle a good load. It can also be fixed into masonry walls using wall plugs.

Nosey Parka’s shape was designed by our son who at the age of  7 wanted to make a man for a friends birthday… it fell short of his expectations and he abandoned it. Some time later we picked it up, put a nose on it turning it into a coat hook and went into production. He’ll thank us for it later!

We try to use waste timber from production for smaller items – this maximises our conversion of trees to useful things and minimises waste. Off-cuts in Messmate or Vic Ash from our coat rack are used for the body (any bits too short for a coat rack), and the hook / nose is made from Sugar Gum – drying rack rod off-cuts.

nosey parka x2



Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 200 × 150 × 100 mm
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