Darning Mushroom


Darning Mushroom for mending knitted textiles, socks etc.  Hollow handle for needle storage. Made from recycled timber polished to a fine finish on the lathe.

darning mushroom with needlesusethings darning mushroom — repair holes or runs in socks and your favorite knits. Hand made in Castlemaine from recycled timber off-cuts. These are from our drying rack production; we minimise our waste by using off-cuts in smaller products like the darning mushroom, Trivet, and Nosey Parka.

Our mushrooms are hand turned in Castlemaine

To repair socks or jumpers, push the mushroom behind the hole to slightly tension the fabric, then sew threads across the hole parallel to each other piercing the fabric each side of the hole. Come back along sewing at right-angles to the first threads and weaving over-under to fill in the hole. Tensioning the fabric stops the darning from pulling the fabric together. You can be crafty and match the colour of the clothing or be proud and use different coloured thread — daring darning?

The removable handle is hollow so you can store your darning needles inside — this is the biggest design evolution of the darning mushroom since the beginning, we call it darning mushroom 2.0. Get your toes cosy again.

Darning mushroom needle store

Weight .3 kg
Dimensions 120 × 90 × 40 mm
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