Folding pocket knife, carbon steel blade.


Folding pocket knife, 85mm long carbon steel blade, wooden handle, great blade lock. Light, simple, sharp.

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folding pocket knife, carbon steel blade Opinel no8 The carbon steel blade folding pocket knife from Opinel is light, simple, and sharp. Carbon steel is harder than normal steel so it keeps a sharp edge longer. Carbon steel will discolour with age so keep it dry, it’s worth it for the sharpness. The Opinel blade lock is one of our favourite pieces of design. The twisting collar locks the blade open or closed and strengthens the hinge fixing while covering the blade pin… pretty neat solution to a bunch of problems.

Opinel knives where first created in 1890 and three generations later are still a family owned business and made in the same area in France. The wooden handles are from local plantations.

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Weight .35 kg
Dimensions 102 x 25 x 20 mm