Stainless Steel Thermos


Stainless steel vacuum flask, wide mouth  700ml. Great for food and soup.

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Stanley thermos, wide mouthThis wide mouth thermos is ideal for soups and  hot or cold drinks. A very useful and durable thing, Made by Aladin Stanley since 1913 in North America, these vacuum  flasks come with a lifetime guarantee and are made with a stainless steel flask that is not going to shatter if dropped. Aladin Stanley have parts are available for the back catalogue of products showing a commitment to ongoing function of their products—we like this continuity of production. They are now made in China with the head company having a credible and up-to-date Corporate Social Responsibility report featuring statements on work conditions, community engagement, and third party environmental impact reporting.

Put a meal on to boil in the morning, place it in the flask and it’ll be cooked by lunch time. Inspired by the Spanish labourers I used to work with… hot soup with home-made sausage in it for smoko and lunch, along with some home made ‘grapa’ too!

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Dimensions 350 x 120 x 120 mm