Hardwood trivet to protect your kitchen and table surfaces from hot pots and pans. Made from plantation sugar gum production off-cuts. We like to turn as much of the materials we order into useful things. A simple halving joint allows our trivet to knock-down to two parts so it’s easy to store away in a kitchen drawer. Dimensions: 42mm high and 216mm wide.


trivet 3 lo-resTrivet, made from production off-cuts. From all our key products there are derivatives from the un-used materials. In doing this we reduce our production waste and maximise the use of the resources we consume. So from our plantation timbers (sugar gum and hoop pine) and our recycled timber (coat rack) the off-cuts are repurposed into new useful things.

Timber, being a live material, ends up with unusable bits, or the supply comes in random lengths so there are always off-cuts. From this we take the good clear material in shorter lengths and devise new products. We’ve got quite a store of these particular off-cuts from years of making the drying rack, our trivet is made from the drying rack end-frame material—sustainably harvested plantation sugar gum.

Trivet flat-packs by virtue of its simple halving joint; so delivery is efficient (less volume to ship), and it’s also easy to store; chuck it in a kitchen drawer. Our trivet is: tough, inexpensive, and simple. Scorch it, knock it about, it will last for at least as long as it takes another tree to grow.

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 220 x 42 x 34 mm