Shaker inspired export!

Coat hooks all wood rack of pegsOld friends of usethings will know we’ve talked about the Shaker design ethic and how it is one of our influences. The long lengths of coat racks that line the walls of Shaker meeting rooms were the inspiration for our coat rack design.

Actually the Shaker aesthetic is important in all our design.

Well we’ve just made a sale of a coat rack to a customer in Massachusetts USA. This state had several Shaker communities and I’d say the aesthetic resonance of Shaker architecture is still present there. But strangely no one is selling coat racks, which lead Kate to usethings.

It is for a Cape Cod house—original Shaker territory! […] Thanks again and kudos for your wonderful business. I thought I’d be able to find one of these in Massachusetts since you see them often in the charming New England old houses, but, go figure, I found you in Australia! You should advertise in local magazines there—you’d sell a ton.

Thanks Kate. This could be seen as quite an achievement, sending a coat rack to the home of beautiful coat racks!

Is usethings going global? — we sent another 12 peg coat rack to Singapore last month.


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