Shipping changes

drying rack kit package sustainable packagingIf you are having problems with the shipping part of our checkout  just email and we can process your order.

We are in the process of reseting our online store for customer location based shipping rates. This will incorporate an Australia Post calculator for local and international deliveries of small items. The big stuff will still go by courier and will need a quotation for international deliveries.

This new system will also calculate and handle GST.

This project is kind of complex so until now we’ve just included the average shipping cost and GST in each item’s price. The objective is to offer international shipping on small items as we’ve limited our distribution to Australia up till now.

Part of this is to enable products from our new business Climb Design to be handled by usethings online store, you won’t see them from this site but we’ll be using usethings e-commerce capacity via a back door.

It will take some time to set this up and pricing will be changing. If there are any problems during this time contact us and we’ll sort it out: transactions can easily be revised or reversed. Any feedback will be appreciated as there is only so much testing we can do from this end.