usethings store Castlemaine is our showroom for useful things designed and made by us and other makers. Come and visit to see what we are about: it’s an experiment in conscious consumption — a new kind of retail (or is it old…) an installation… a showroom full of stories. For more on the concept of our store have a look at “a new kind of retail”. By carefully vetting the things you accumulate they will always have value, either in use or exchange. Never landfill.

Call to arrange to meet there, even at short notice as the workshop is not far away.

usethings designed and made in Castlemaine:

  • clothes drying racks
  • coat racks
  • all ply table
  • cutting boards
  • darning mushrooms
  • nosey parka wall pegs
  • tensegrity wardrobe
  • wobble boards
  • trivets
  • gum boot stands

And other useful things:

  • Opinel folding knives
  • Opinel kitchen knives and peeler
  • Duralex Provence drinking glasses (why would you have any other)
  • Emeco Navy 111 recycled plastic chair (111 PET drink bottles in each chair)
  • Aladdin Stanley stainless steel wide mouth thermos (lifetime guarantee)
  • Local Industrial Sewing Workshop reclaimed canvas satchels, panniers, firewood slings,  & leg bands
  • Fowlers Vacola preserving jars (keeping food before energy hungry refrigeration)
  • Jute shop twine
  • Hand woven market baskets
  • Lyra pencil extender
  • Greg Stirling furniture
  • Tumut Brooms 

There is a great story behind all these items, that’s why we’ve brought them together. As a collection they help illustrate what usethings is all about.

We don’t run a credit card or EFTPOS facility at usethings store, cash only.

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8 Templeton St Castlemaine in central Victoria

Call to visit even for a browse or at short notice as we are often two minutes away in the workshop: we’d rather meet at the store by request than be open regular days: 0405 564 206 or 0414 814 993.