New study on sedentry behaviour

Originally published on Castlemaine Independent

Another study explores how bad sitting is for you. This US study looks at sedentary work and  watching TV and quantifies the risks of reduced lifespan.

Article focus: This paper presents the results of an analysis aimed at determining the effects of sedentary behaviour on life expectancy in the USA.

Key messages: The analyses indicate that population life expectancy in the USA would be 2.00?years higher if adults reduced their time spent sitting to <3?h/day and 1.38?years higher if they reduced television viewing to <2?h/day.

See the full study by Peter T Katzmarzyk and I-Min Lee here: Sedentary behaviour and life expectancy in the USA

Local firm usethings offers ‘fitted offices’ to address some of the issues in seated work. For each individual they calculate the seat height based on correct thigh angle, then make the bench at elbow height and mount screens at eye height. Their ‘work’ stool is just that-  “you have to work to sit well. Though the freedom and balance of this posture feels good once you get used to it” says Tim Preston from usethings, “we’ve set up our office this way in January so the experience informs the design”. He goes on to say “The firm seat means you have to get up now and then and no back-rest means the torso (core strength) is more engaged, but this is easier to do on a high stool”. See more from usethings


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