Sunpower Design specifies our drying racks

When we get a call from a builder, nine out of ten times it’s for a building designed by Sunpower Design. They’ve been specifying our drying rack in many of their designs for six or seven years now and we appreciate it.

I spoke to Andreas Sederof today to thank him; we had another two drying rack orders this week. As usual the builders where in a rush during the final detailing but we always supply them in time.

Andreas said he’d first seen drying racks 20 years ago in Snowmass Denver and originally had builders make them up until he discovered usethings drying rack. Andreas thinks they are a smart idea and told us to keep up the good work.

A couple of lines from Sunpower Design’s philosophy resonate with us:

  • Inspiring clients who want to make a difference to their environmental impact 
  • Minimising the environmental impact of construction
  • Significantly reducing the energy consumption 
  • Designing for durability and low ongoing maintenance

Check out their beautiful buildings here:

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