usethings spaces – living and commercial sustainable interiors

usethings is concerned with good living, supported by the furniture and homeware products we design, make, and offer. We also expand our approach to work on whole spaces—interiors: domestic and commercial. Sustainable interiors you might call it.

We apply our design ethic and experience to interior spaces, it’s just a matter of scale. Experience gained in developing our product range helps us vet: materials, finishes, and processes for impacts in: indoor air quality, resource use, local economies for example.

We can assist with interior design through to project management –  researching appropriate products, using our own, or creating original new works for your space.

We love to reuse existing items—a redesign, avoiding buying new stuff and making the most of the great stuff you have.

All within the overall consideration of the feel and function of a space including: light, colour, textures, craftsmanship, movement flows, ergonomics, and health.

We mesh experience in green building, safe materials, and benign finishes with our design sensibility. Add to this great communication skills that align all parties from client partnerships to trades people onsite. The interiors we create have an aesthetic sensibility, consideration of the relationships that make great spaces, and a striving toward sustainability.

We are excited to offer an expansion of these services in partnership with the architect Stephen Lumb. This capacity enables us to engage in whole buildings, integrating the total design of a home, office, or commercial space.

We’ve worked with Steve informally in the past, consulting with him about spaces we have worked on. Even a simple renovation benefits from the resolution a great architect can bring, but a client might not think the scale of the project warrants this level of design.

Our arrangement with Steve allows for charges related to specific problems needing proper architectural resolution. We also offer our services to Steve’s clients — interior styling in new buildings under the same arrangement.

We primarily service Central Victoria but are occasionally drawn into Melbourne, talk to Debbie Taylor on 0414 814 993.

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“Deb Taylor was engaged by us to update our 1860’s home in the Heritage area of Maldon. Her work included the re-use of space, designing cabinetry, paint colours, light fittings and drapes. The process was also Project Managed by Deb. Her attention to detail, communication skills in keeping us informed every step of the way, together with her professional working relationships with contractors was of the highest standard.

I think one of Debs many skills is the ability to understand exactly what we wanted to achieve. Her delightful manner made her a joy to work with.

“usethings proved useful indeed when we gave our cafe and bakery a major overhaul. Their perfect design sense, meticulous attention to detail, clear communication, coordination of contractors and professional execution made the process a pleasure.” Redbeard Bakery


Deb’s style and knowledge of what makes a beautiful space enabled us to achieve a modern classical look far exceeding our expectations. Deb can make a room come alive and we would love to have a reason to engage her again in the future”      Karen & Gordon