Bamboo cutting / serving boards

Bamboo serving board detailMade up some custom sized bamboo boards yesterday, our standard rectangular size is 250 x 200mm a handy small size but we do other sizes by request. We make them from 18mm thick laminated bamboo for a solid and durable board and the glue is non-toxic.

The design features a hole in the corner to hang them or help grip when picking one up.

Bamboo is a great material for cutting boards: the laminations make it stable so it won’t warp when washed, and the density is not too hard so as to blunt knives and not too soft so it is cut and  warn down. With all cutting boards it’s best to wet both sides when washing so no imbalance of moisture leads to warping which happens with solid timber boards a lot.


We also have our big round cutting board in bamboo.Bamboo serving board

Opinel kitchen knife range, new handles

We’ve stocked Opinel knives for a few years now, we love the simplicity and, of course, good steel.

Opinel bread knife new handleOpinel have recently updated their kitchen knife wooden handle designs with simplified, finer lines. I actually liked the old bread knife handle for it’s heft but these new handles, though finer, are long enough to get good purchase when cutting real bread. I suspect the finer handle may even be better for smaller hands.

The blade remains the same: ours at home is still dangerously sharp after more than a year of daily bread cutting, and real bread at that, from our friends at Redbeard Bakery.