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This project has transformed the spaces in the home and given its occupants open living and a beautiful, functional, kitchen with views across the deck to the creek below. The key has been bringing cohesion to all the existing spaces in a building that has had several distinct periods. The projects success is a testimony to collaboration between Deb, the clients, and the tradesmen. It involved removal of a walls, laying recycled floor boards, plastering, skylights, and resolving roofing structures. With a great team of tradesmen, beautiful cabinet work by AG Kitchens of Castlemaine, and very careful planning, all this was achieved in a six week period whilst the owners where away; returning home to a functioning and clean home (all the rubble gone). It’s Debs credo that the fine details and warmth are seen too, even after major works have been accomplished—a home is more than its physical elements. Most importantly a home must be autobiographical of its occupants, not the designer. It has been great to revisit the site this week and see how the family has so easily settled into the new space.

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