usethings launches two new designs this weekend

We are celebrating the opening of our store this Saturday with the launch of two new designs. More details here next week.

The new designs will sit within the collection of products that include some of usethings  established pieces, and products that are in harmony with our philosophy.

One aspect that we have become aware of in our selection process is continuity / consistency of manufacture; one product has been made for over 100 years, others have parts for their back catalog available, these products seem to have a durability not only in use but in style and application. One chair is a contemporary evolution of a 66 year old design – by contemporary I mean addressing issues of our times.

It’s an exciting collection – we’ve been going over the great stories of everything we’ve brought together and it’s helping us refine what makes a product a useful thing

It’s really an evolving experiment in how to live well sustainably.

Some of our other concerns for products are:  that they be durable and meet a specific need in your life, not just casually consumed on a fashion whim or desire. They should also embody or encourage skills and consideration in the making and they should not harm cultures or environments… in short, they should be  good for life.

These ideals are being thrashed out worldwide and we make no claims to having the solution. This experiment for us has created more questions than answers;  we offer this experience to our customers via this collection.

usethings store may be a kind of museum of the future… exibiting artifacts that will tell us about a projected future.

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