usethings store

If it is not useful or necessary, free yourself from imagining that you need it…*

I expect we sound a bit wacky with our approach to retail, our store will be more of an installation than a shop; one that is experimenting with a new story around consumption.

We are looking at products that meet the ‘why would you buy any other‘ criterion. We’ll have Opinel knives for example – why would you buy any other folding knife? This company has been producing for many years and has an evolved design that is not shifting with fashion, and is very integrated with its production, supply chain, and resources – this is a great (and rare) story. The Duralex Province glass is another example. We are choosing specific pieces that sit with our philosophy, and this kind of continuity of production is a strong indication of durability in style and application.

We are also concerned with craftsmanship, so are stocking Phil Elson ceramics – his noodle bowls and tumblers – pragmatic everyday objects even though highly crafted in porcelain.

Other products include appropriate pieces from our own existing and new designs. Of course you’ll be able to pick up a drying rack here.

usethings store is about experimenting with a new context for products and retail. We are sourcing and creating items that help us express and embody our story and ideals as we refine our philosophy. We’ll also offer ‘tinkering’ and sharpening – repair and maintain your stuff, don’t throw it out. And for change in your home try Deb’s re-style service – use what you have in a new way rather than buy new stuff.

The space is a simple white room with great natural light and is powered by a great solar array. We share the building with an architectural firm (Lifehouse Design) and a print maker (Kir Larwill).

*Shaker aphorism:
If it is not useful or necessary, free yourself from imagining that you need to make it.
If it is useful and necessary, free yourself from imagining that you need to enhance it by adding what is not an integral part of its usefulness or necessity.
If it is both useful and necessary and you can recognize and eliminate what is not essential, then go ahead and make it as beautifully as you can.
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