Virus stuff…

20th April update: We hope everyone makes it through these weird times physically and emotionally in good order. We are well, still in operation and have stock of materials so production is as normal.

Orders are back after stalling in February — I was fancying a few weeks in bed reading but alas I’m back at the work bench! In fact orders are more than average, we suspect home projects are driving the demand. After attempting a fast turn-around in fear that it all might shut down, volume is getting us back to our standard lead times of 3 to 4 weeks.

Shipping and post are functioning if a bit slow and our suppliers are all fine so things are looking up in general (though still waiting for cafe’s to open and catching up with friends).

Economically most of us will take a hit. Our climate change expectation is that life-styles will be reduced. Though the summer of fire made that plain here in Australia, Corvid19 is enforcing a lifestyle reduction, though faster, more personal (yet experienced globally) and less abstract than climate change.

With this in mind and now it is more apparent we are all in this together usethings offer an across the board discount of 12%. Use the coupon code “virus-be-gone” in our online store to receive 12% off each purchase: a small gesture — we’ll all share the tough times ahead.

Good luck and big respect to all the health workers out there helping us get though this.