Windsor chair at usethings

windsor chair In refreshing the store for our Craft Cubed Exhibition we brought it one of Greg Stirling’s beautifully hand crafted Windsor chairs – a Lobster Pot.

We are interested in a re-evaluation of these traditional chairs from a contemporary design perspective. The Windsor chair is an evolved design using local (in its place of origin) materials sustainably harvested – parts roughed out in the forrest by chair bodgers. Unlike other chairs the Windsor’s evolution from wheel-write and cart-wright techniques and materials produces a strong and light chair that is very durable and surprisingly comfortable.

This technology is not the dream of any one designer – it’s a heritage of craft skill addressing the need for seating from within an environment. The antique market is the normal habitat of these chairs and there are some very old ones out there still in use, but as a model for sustainable design and production relevant to a local community, we think there is a lot to learn from the Windsor chair.

Read more in this article on Greg or have a look at Greg’s web site.


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